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Greetings and hello.

My name is Crystal Parsons and I believe. I believe each of us is here for a purpose. As my tarot reader / Jamaican psychic / healer, Carla, says "Girl, you gotta' know before you go." She couldn't be more correct. And I know. And I want you to know. Know what? That there is a world beyond the material plane that you and I exist in on a daily basis. That there are psychic entities that inform, haunt, nurture and terrorize us. That there's a reason Simon (my old flame) dumped me after five years of supporting his ass while he "found himself". What was there to find? Just look in a garbage dumpster next time, you sleaze. For as Carla says, "Yoos trash." And while I'm at it... don't ever call me again for "favors"... but I digress.

Back to my purpose. My purpose is to shine a cosmos-sized flashlight into those crevices that we don't go into. To illuminate the human and super human experience, if you will. To that end, I started "What's Up Doc" films, a clearinghouse for segments on the supernatural. Did you see my documentary, "Don't Ghost There"? It ran on prime time in Public Access Alaska. Well, almost prime time - it ran at 1 am. Turns out they didn't get the tape because it was at the post office for 'not enough postage paid' or some such nonsense. But that wasn't my fault - it was a mix up with an errant postage meter. Who knew they were adding a cent's postage to everything mailed to Alaska? I personally think it was a conspiracy between my old boss at KRQV-TV and the folks at PBS Alaska. But that's another story.

A very exciting event has just occurred.

Using my superscooper powers - those powers that just let me sniff, sniff out a story - I have come across reports of two individuals who will help me add to my unearthly journey. After glancing over recent police files and press clippings - which I detail in another section of this site - I sought to unmasked those masked superheroes from the suburbs know as the "Terrific Two". I will call them "The Duo". And that's just what I am doing. Now if I can just continue to feed the cameraman and censor out all the boom operator's harsh language, I will be well on my way towards creating the world's first superhuman / superhero / deus ex machina masterpiece.

Onward and just remember: I know things I want you to know.


P.S. I should point out that I have a very strong feeling (and Carla agrees) that the leader of the "Terrific Two", Best Man, and I were intimately involved in previous life. He's the one in the tux. CP.




The Terrific Two Website

The logo of my new documentary subjects... the "Terrific Two". Click on it to go to their website.

I like this shot . . . shows how I am always thinking (and looking)!!


woman with the Third Eye
I was searching for the "Terrific Two" and found a new friend (even if Mark David did not approve. He liked her kidneys, though).