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Mark David (The Cameraman)

Mark David , the camerman
Mark David doing what he does best. Shooting.

I don't know at this point in my career if I'd rather shoot documentaries with Crystal or go back to shooting footage of animal life for some nature show again.

The topics she chooses and the people we meet are definitely more dangerous and unpredictable - so I groove on that whole aspect.

The best part (for me) is when the subjects we're shooting footage of make meals for us (the crew) 'cause it saves me money and every once in a while they're some of the best meals I've eaten.

The new documentary were working on right now is taking the cake, man. We're following two guys around who think they're superheroes (They call themselves the "Terrific Two"). They're really crazy (I think) and it's kinda giving me the "willies".

I'd be able to hack it better if all the meals they've been forcing on us didn't have this stupid cereal they eat all the time somewhere in the recipe. I've been having nightmares about it all the time.

At least I get a chance to sneak out (late night) every once in a while and grab a burger or a bucket of chicken. Otherwise I'd go crazy.

Girls who dig my picture can e-mail me from this site.

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Victor Salinas (The Boom Operator)

Victor  Salinas, the boom operator
Victor before he was hired.

This whole thing is bullshit.

I'd rather be greyhounding it back to Baltimore sitting next to a man that claims to have a 10-pound fish hook with his name on it. Really. I'd rather do that than work for Crystal after this film is done.

If like someone out there knows Ozzy, or Dee Dee Ramone, drop a line on our stupid site so I can maybe hook up and be a roadie or something. Or maybe I would become their talk 'em down when they get suicidal. I could then take over their rock & roll outfits.

This whole documentary shit just sucks. I had better fun panhandling.