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(Letting the Cat - and the Money - Out of the Bag)
"Marvin found that the cat recommended certain stocks..."

Dateline: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2000

48-year-old Marvin Brubaker (a steel mill worker in Pittsburgh, P.A.) seemed to have it all. He was Valedictorian of his (23 student) class, Home Coming king, and Amnesty International V.P. of his community college. In 1978, the local chapter of the Elks Club named him " Most Eligible Bachelor". By 1981 he was on his way to a promotion at his local steel mill to "Head of Molten operations". But things took a turn for the worse: the steel mill was sold, demolished within months, and turned into a low rent housing community.

After the closing of the mill, Marvin lost his nerve and suffered from a nervous breakdown. Even simple soldering jobs became a difficult task. No longer attractive to single women, Marvin became reclusive in nature. His remaining friends found his newfound nature pathetic and resorted to finding him a release for his repressive nature through the love of an adopted kitten named "Dizzy" (named after the famous musician due to the physical endowments of it's large jowls).

The lovable cat and Marvin became inseparable within weeks. Marvin's whole demeanor had changed. He had once again found happiness.

In the summer of '86, Marvin had found love again with (at the time) 26-year-old schoolteacher Alicia Witherton. The two were married within a year after meeting and after a small wedding ceremony, left for their honeymoon suite in sunny Mobile, Alabama. Marvin was hesitant about leaving his beloved cat Dizzy behind, but after entrusting a fellow schoolteacher of Alicia's to feeding Dizzy, the Newlyweds were on their way.

Little did they know, the lovers' trip would be cut short by tragedy. On the first day of their trip, Marvin and Alicia received a call that Dizzy had gotten lose from their home and was hit by a car.

After rushing back to the feline's side, Marvin was surprised to find that his cat had been officially declared dead only hours before his arrival at the emergency vet clinic. But somehow, while being dropped by an intern on the way to the deep freeze cooler, Dizzy was brought back to life.

After Dizzy's recovery and return home, Marvin started noticing strange new bonds with his pet through dreams and especially when reading the stock pages section of his local paper. It seemed as if Dizzy was trying to communicate with him through mind control.

Questioning his sanity, Marvin went to his psychiatrist for advice. Marvin found that this bond was common in humans and their pets. He delved deeper into the matter and found that through telepathic communication, the cat recommended certain stocks with such authority. Dizzy eventually communicated to Marvin that Alicia was not his type. On a whim, Marvin separated from Alicia and put all his left over monies in the stock choices Dizzy had recommended.

Within a year-and-a-half, Marvin was a two-time bachelor and a first time millionaire!

Though reading the article on these two in News of the Weird, I began my search for Marvin and his remarkable feline friend and found out all about this story. To find out more about the link between you and your pet, check out "Cat Got Your Thought?" More than a documentary, it's a possible guideline for you and your pet to make money through the teachings of Marvin and Dizzy.

Note: E-mail me from this site if you wish to be provided with a copy of "Cat Got Your Thought".