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The Crystal Chronicles

A word on the Crystal Chronicles . . .

It isn't easy growing up different. I should know. But it does imbue one with a sense of intuition and compassion that helps to understand humanity in a way that ordinary, "non sufferers" cannot. I mean that's why I got into this business. That's why I carried on after they laughed me out of journalism school. That's why I can carry on despite being dateless for, ahem, some years. Just because I'm psychically gifted does not mean I'm asexual.

Many people have asked: "What the hell?" about how I'm able to sally forth in the face of such tremendous odds and setbacks. "By restoring and replenishing my aura," say I. I do this on a daily basis and highly recommend it to anyone who is sensitive and has special gifts.

How do I do this? Well, I stare at a glass of water for at least two hours until it changes color. Then I drink the newly colored - usually magenta - liquid. Then I internalize the color magenta and free associate - what does magenta put me in touch with? The tropics. Hibiscus flowers and a lovely cabana boy called Juan who puts me in touch with . . . never mind. You can see how this exercise can be restorative.

I often don't have time to do this when I'm working on a project. Which brings me to my point: have you seen my award-winning documentaries? They are a must see for anyone. But, like I said, I don't often have time to replenish sufficiently when I am working on them. Besides, sometimes, if I sit still too long, I start intercepting the voices of my subjects. Here are some examples:

During the making of "Cat Got Your Thought," I started hearing Dizzy the cat's voice in my head. Only in the form of incessant meowing. Made it very difficult to sleep and I'm not at my 100% if I don't get adequate rest. Made me a bit, well, some said bitchy. But that's not true at all.

During "Missing Links," I first starting visualizing oversized sausage links, which is strange because I eat meat only rarely. Stuck me as phallic, which is fine, really. Then, the sausages propagated in a Broadway Musical kind of way. Was a bit creepy. Then I remembered that I could read runes, so I determined from the "dance" formation that the sausages were in fact trying to communicate with me. Learned a lot from those "sausies", as they let me call them.

During "Don't Ghost There" I started hearing the obscenities that Frank Chapolis was saying to his wife. Only I heard them in a variety of Romance languages. First in French, then Spanish, then Italian. Rarely in Portuguese. Did I mention that I am also multi-lingual?

These are but a few examples. The point is: I go through a lot to get the story. I'm uber committed, if you will. I pick subjects that matter, like history or the stock market or the peaks and valleys of marriage. I know that if you've read this far, you, too, are a searcher. I want to be your finder. Read on for to find a portion of The Truth.



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