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"Find out who killed Kennedy, which baseball players rig their bats with shredded rubber inside for more power, which Golden Era Actors and Actresses were sleeping with each other..."

Dateline: Fredericksburg, Texas - 2000

Sausage Fest is the centerpiece of my next documentary.

With the aide of award-winning wildlife cameraman Mark David (who is known for his love of food) I came across and covered one of the most bizarre stories that took place at this grand festival.

Every year millions of people consume link after link of sausage. But for 23-year-old Vegan Betty Lou Parkins, sausage links are not food. They are a "link" to our past.

Born the daughter of farmers, Betty Lou had a hard time watching animals on the farm being slaughtered year after year. Betty Lou finally became fed up, and vowed she would never eat meat again. She would sit for hours in her room sobbing over the loss of the animals and researching alternative diet plans that did not involve the consumption of meat. Tragically enough, the time spent in that room would eventually lead to serious medical problems: the walls in her room she went to for solace were made with asbestos.

By the time she reached her 19th birthday Betty Lou was blind.

During the time her room was being remodeled, Betty Sue decided to spend more time outside with the animals and found most comfort in milking the cows. This went on for months, due to the slow labor schedule proposed by the men remodeling her room (her cousins).

Feeling her way out to the barn during her daily milking routine tragedy struck again. Betty Lou reached the barn to find that several of the cows were missing. After frantically feeling her way back to the house she found out the sad truth: the cows had been sent to the slaughterhouse. Betty Lou demanded that she be taken to see the cows (or whatever was left of them). With the aide of her mother, Betty Lou headed for the town's slaughterhouse. When she asked local butcher Ted "Butch" Thomas to see the cows, she was handed the first one he could find - in the form of a sausage link.

Betty Lou rubbed the first link in shock, and before tears could roll down her face, a vision of the past flashed before her eyes: Betty saw Christopher Columbus trading goods for spices with American Indians! As she touched the second link she saw where infamous Teamster Jimmy Hoffa was buried!

Link after link gave her more insight into the past!

Betty Lou's gifts soon became the talk of the town. Her parents realized the potential of these gifts and tried to profit from it, calling every talk show from Oprah to Jerry Springer with no success. Every reply was that the story was "too weird". Not for me though, after hearing her only public display of these abilities took place during the town's annual Sausage Fest, I set out to find out the truth.

Missing Links is the most amazing and informative story I've covered yet! Find out who killed Kennedy, which baseball players rig their bats with shredded rubber inside for more power, which Golden Era Actors and Actresses were sleeping with each other, and more!

As a bonus you'll also see camera man Mark David compete with other sausage lovers in the local sausage pie eating contest! It's food for thought in this story of human triumph!

Note: E-mail me from this site if you wish to be provided with a copy of "Missing Links".